Our History & Philosophy

Preferred Planning Concepts is a leading provider of comprehensive financial services and solutions for individuals, professionals and businesses. We believe that each client has their own unique set of circumstances, goals, concerns, personal beliefs, and risk tolerance. We seek to spend time getting to know our clients, learn what they are seeking to accomplish financially as well as personally. We then use our collective knowledge and skills to develop financial strategies that can be understood and implemented to help clients achieve their stated objectives.

Our mantra is to help minimize your anxiety about money, cash flow and retirement so that you can focus on experiencing a quality of life.

We prefer to start working with clients via what we refer to as a "retirement cash flow analysis." This is designed to let the client see, based on a set of assumptions given to us by the client, whether they are (a) on track, (b) ahead of schedule, or (c) behind schedule in terms of being able to attain their stated retirement objectives. We then use the results of that analysis as a guideline as to the manner in which they may elect to have their money allocated and invested.

Once we have developed a plan of action that both the client and we concur upon, we take great pride in our effort and ability to manage your assets. We have access to a myriad of investment products and programs, with superior research capabilities. We realize that excellent levels of personal service and attention are key elements to the continued success of our firm. This is made possible by not only our concern for your well-being, but by the positive attitude and unwavering commitment of our experienced and friendly staff, who are licensed and have been with us full-time since 1999.

For more information, or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please contact Preferred Planning Concepts at (847) 375-0505 or click here.