2013 Investor & Reader Survey

It is always critical that as advisors we try and have a clearer understanding of where you stand in terms of your economic outlook. To that end, we invite you to take the following 5-question survey:

How do you feel about the ability of our government to work together for our economic benefit?
Very Optimistic
Cautiously optimistic
Somewhat pessimistic
Very pessimistic

In 2013, you expect business and economic conditions in the United States to do which of the following:
Improve significantly
Improve modestly
Stay the same as in 2012
Decline slightly
Decline significantly

How do you feel about the mounting government debt of cities, states, and countries around the world?
It doesnít matter because they will always find another government to help them out.
It bothers me only a little.
Iím not that versed in the problem to have an opinion.
It worries me that the problem will continue to worsen.
I am fearful of a major economic collapse.

In terms of being able to retire comfortably at a reasonable age, are you:
Very optimistic, and feel ďon trackĒ to reaching that goal.
Feeling positive long-term, but concerned about things in the short-term.
Cautiously guarded about where things are headed economically.
Worried that there might not have enough money to retire as planned.
Fearful that retirement may have to be indefinitely postponed.

As 2013 unfolds, how do you feel as an investor?
I am extremely optimistic, and plan on having 60% or more of my money in stocks.
I am somewhat positive, and plan to be about 50%-50% in my stock/bond allocation.
I am being cautious, and will likely have a less than 50% allocation to stocks.
I am concerned about another market collapse, and will have less than 30% in stocks.
I am risk averse, and am content to remain in cash, CDís, and other fixed income assets.


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Thank you for your feedback. Much continued success and happiness!

Ken, Dave, Dominic, and Julie